FAQ’s Pain Relief

Yes, light therapy is proven to be safe and effective for all. It is chemical and drug free and provides a natural treatment. All of our devices are FDA Cleared for safety and efficacy.

Light therapy is both clinically proven and medically recognized for its benefits for its amazing benefits. Light Therapy is a proven treatment mechanism for anti-aging and photo-rejuvenation, acne treatment, pain management and recovery.

Everyone is different, and some people’s bodies react quicker than others. However many users experience pain relief after the first use.

Infrared Lights are the most powerful spectrum of light. These lights fall outside the human vision spectrum and are not visible to the human eye. If the other lights on the device are working correctly, the IR lights are doing their thing.

Device may be used multiple times per day. Do not exceed 3 treatments per day.

Yes, Light Therapy is proven to increase the effectiveness and absorption of creams by up to 1200%. If your cream has retinol, SPF or other light sensitive ingredient we recommend using after light therapy treatment.

LED lights are very sustainable and have a 30,000 hour average life span. These devices should provide years of quality performance. 

No, the lights need to be placed next to the skin to ensure maximum efficacy.